Mosquitoes are unwanted guests to a party.  They are insects that fly around, attack and suck our blood.  They travel around at night in the summer and can really cause a party to be closed down early.  For many people, they try to come up with ways to resolve this issue, however, the best thing to do is have a mosquito treatment in Fort Washington done.  Here are some other options to consider beforehand as well.


You want to have citronella candles and other things along this line burning.  Next to the candles you can have torches and other sources of fire around.  The smoke and throw of the candles will create a barrier that mosquitoes and other insects don’t like.  As a result, you are protected.

Screen enclosures

This is an option as well.  You can have a stand along screen enclosure that you can have around you while you are outside. There are many different types of these enclosures and depending on your space and needs you can create a nice bubble to enjoy your evening.  If you have a porch on the side of your home, consider screening that in as well.

Avoid alcohol

You can also start to make yourself less attractive to mosquitoes.  You can do this by avoiding drinking alcohol.  When you consume alcohol you are changing your blood chemistry and making yourself more attractive to mosquitoes and pests.  If you don’t like bugs, avoid the beer.

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Wear light clothing

Dark clothing holds in the heat.  If you wear light clothing the heat will be reflected off of your body and insects will not look for you.  This is one of the main reasons you see people wearing light clothing in the summer and darker colors in the winter.

From here you can decide if your treatments have been working.  If they are not, then consider calling in a professional.