Have you begun losing teeth or going to the dentist more often for oral health issues? Have you gotten a tooth or two removed in the past and want to find a way to restore your smile and the missing teeth in your mouth? Dentures can do this, but there’s not just one denture that will work for everyone. Let’s go over different types of dentures and how they may work for your oral health situation.

types of dentures in Nacogdoches


One of the most common types of dentures in Nacogdoches is traditional dentures, which are dentures that are designed to replace all of the teeth in an individual’s mouth. These dentures dit on the gums and do not need teeth to be anchored in the mouth.


Partial dentures are typically a good option for patients that still retain some of the teeth in their mouth, even if it’s only one on the lower or upper jaw. Partial dentures use a natural-colored base attached to metal and can be removed whenever you need a break from your dentures.


Customized dentures are made specific to the patient, though these options are typically more expensive than other types of dentures. Custom dentures can be however you want them to be, giving you a beautiful smile that looks natural and suits your face.


Immediate dentures are another popular option, as these are placed in the mouth on the same day tooth extractions take place. You will need to qualify for this type of denture, though, as not everyone will have proper bone health for the procedure.

Still wondering if any of these options are good enough for your teeth? Schedule an appointment with your dentist to learn more about your denture options and what may work best for your oral health.